Food and Beverage Supplier

About Shaffer Farms & Foods

Who We Are

Shaffer Farms is a vertically integrated ocean and land farm. We grow the straw grasses to make our Naturally zero waste drinking straws, dig the clay to make the Alex Ceramic mug and grow the seaweed to fertilize the straw grasses that make the drinking straw that stirs the drink in the cup that we made. 

Shaffer Foods is the retailer/wholesale business that sells our products at trade shows, through cold calls, online, whatever it takes. We make what we sell and sell what we make. 

We are open for business monday to friday and enjoy collaborations, celebrations and providing products for fund raising. We offer free local delivery and farm gate discounts for locals. 

Our Mission

Driven by the urgent need to combat plastic pollution, we are creating a truly vertically integrated business : Designed for both the eco-conscious consumer and the forward-thinking business, our products are planet positive and offer durability, aesthetic appeal, and, most importantly, sustainability.

If you need more let us know by email. 

 Text 6048650588 


From making the clay to creating  the master mold,  Alex and her team produce very high quality ceramics with brilliant designs all with positive earth messages. From oceans to insects we have a mug for you.


Sunshine Coast Seaweed Products manufactures fertilizers, pet nutritional supplements and other seaweed based products. Using local seaweeds reduces our reliance on other regions to support our community needs making us more resilient and self reliant